Piggy in Heaven: Full Cover Spread

Piggy in Heaven, releasing from Paraclete Press on January 8, 2019, is a story I wrote for my own family when our much-loved guinea pig died. We are a family who knows that love is love, no matter how small and furry the loved one is, and we needed help thinking about our Piggy in his new life. The story wrote itself. I could see him with my inward eye, waking up in the sunny meadow, meeting his new piggy friends, seeing his first angel, deciding the grass was unusually tasty.

This is my first picture book (and my first board book!). There are some internal illustrations in both Shepherding Sam and The Barn and the Book, but Piggy is the first to have full-color illustrations on every single page. It is an enchanting thing to hand your story to a gifted artist like Soraya Bartolome and see it come to life. Soraya is especially good at portraying piggy facial expressions that are adorably true to life, with just a few skillful lines. Look at the cover! Piggies make that face! They do!

I’m delighted to share here the full cover spread, front and back. The three little piggies on the back are, from left to right, Fuzzbuzz, Piggy, and Bubbleberry.

Full Cover Spread

Piggy in Heaven is available for pre-order on Amazon HERE! And you can learn more about Piggy’s publisher, Paraclete Press, HERE!

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